Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Math homework for those unfinished during class time - pg. 85/86 JumpMath 1.2  AND addition/subtraction page using touchpoints - due tomorrow

Hot Lunch for those who ordered - tomorrow

Students are being asked to read 10+ minutes for homework each night.  Please try and make this happen each night.  Thanks! 

Monday, 27 March 2017

We're Back!

Image result for welcome back from spring break
Welcome back from Spring Break! The kids were telling me about all the different things they did over break and it sounds like everyone enjoyed their break.

Now we are back at it ... and the time will fly.  Lots of things happening in the last few months of school.  I have booked field trips for the class these last few months so I hope you are able to come to one of them.

Phonics pages - pg. 215 -222 due Friday

Spelling words -  bike   spike   pipe    nice    spice
+ 3 words that follow the  __ i _ e  pattern ( ride, shine, etc.)

NN words
him     into     time     has     look     friend
+1 word from - would, which, these

Friday, 10 March 2017

Spring Break!

It's finally here.  The day we have been waiting for all week! Spring Break!!!

Things that should be in your child's bag:
  • Phonics - please go over and do corrections on all uncut pages.
  • Spelling List 13 - corrections and parents please sign
  • Lenten Lapbooks - please colour the path for each day that we are on break (we are on #9 today)
Don't forget to change the clocks forward this weekend. Happy Spring Break!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Your child did so well reading in the assembly! Great job! Thank you for practicing with them at home.

I have received my first few Nifty 50 books.  Love it! I love seeing the books that your child (or you) chooses to read. 
Please remember that when completing Nifty 50 written entries:
  • 1 book = 1 entry (if it's a chapter book you can do more entries depending on the style/type of book)
  • Please write down the title, author and entry type (so that I can easily note it down). For example:
                  Going to Grandma's
                  John Tarlton
  • When doing pictures, please have your child colour the picture. It isn't really complete without colour on the page.
Thank you again for all your help and support this year. 

Spelling test, GFG and Mass - Friday

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tomorrow is our Lent assembly. If you are able to come at 2 pm we would love to see you there.

Jump Math books were sent home for students to finish/correct.  Pages 78-79 are due tomorrow.

GFG is due Friday. Page 10 is an activity where students write down on the left had - ways their hands can help and on the right- ways their hands can show appropriate touching (high 5, handshakes etc.)

I have booked a field trip, with the Kindergarten class, to go to the Surrey Children's Festival on Thursday, May 25. (I wanted to give enough time to book time off for those who are interested.) Please look for the field trip notice going home after Spring Break. Our class will be taking 10 parents as supervisors. Parent supervisors will be chosen at random if more than 10 volunteer.