Monday, 29 May 2017

Please read the email that I sent home this afternoon,

Spelling words this week - "oo" words
book     shook     stood     foot     hood-
+ 3 words following the pattern
** roof was initially part of the word list but has been removed because Canadians say roof like we say ooze/shoe. This spelling list is American and they pronounce roof like huff/puff.

NN words
live    me   back   give   most
+2 from  they, little, said, friend

Phonics pages this week - 273-282. There was lots of time given today to work on these several pages.


  • Crowning of Mary - Wednesday - please bring in ONE flower for the event
  • Scholastic orders due Wednesday
  • Friday - Food bank Mass
  • Nifty 50 due Monday, June 5 or before.  NO LATES will be accepted.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Can you believe it's June next week?! The time is flying by.

Lots of things happening during the last few weeks of school so please look on the school calendar and on the blog for up to date information.

Spelling tests were marked and sent home.  Please sign them and have your child do, any, corrections.


  • all little readers in - doesn't matter if it has been read
  • hats/sunglasses/water bottles to be brought to school for those sunny days
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Great Weather All Week

What a wonderful long weekend!  It was nice to finally see (and feel) the sun for longer than a day or two.

Short but busy week:
  • Tessa Day tomorrow $2 non uniform day (included popcorn) - wear something purple
  • Hot lunch tomorrow for those who ordered
  • Thursday is our field trip to Bear Creek Park - Students are to be in class by 8:45 am.  The bus will leave at 9. We will not wait for anyone. The bus will leave Bear Creek park around 2:15. We should be back in time for dismissal. Please have a disposable lunch for your child, sunscreen/hat/sunglasses and bring a refillable water container.  A note will be coming home tomorrow with information.
Spelling words (10 this week) - ir/ur/er words
her    stir     bird   turn    churn

NN words
little   work   place   years    know

Please return all little readers. Students can still borrow class books if they want.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

As blogged about yesterday, changes are happening to the schedule that I often don't know.  Here's an example - Western Day - found out at lunch with the the kids today. I will update the class blog when I know about it but please look at the school calendar for the most up to date information.

Related image
Thursday is 'Western Day'. To celebrate the Cloverdale Rodeo students are invited to wear their best rodeo wear on Thursday, May 18.

"Tessa" Day is next Wednesday. Students can wear purple that day and are asked to donate $2 to go to the Tessa Beauchamp Foundation.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Short Week

This is another short week for students as we have a Pro-D Day on Friday followed by a holiday Monday (Victoria Day).

Please see the blog to look at any dates for the last few weeks of school. Things will come up so please look on the school calendar or on the blog.

10 words this week for our test

List 21 words -ar pattern
car    star    arm    art   smart

NN words
over     new   take    sound   only

Phonics this week is pages 259 - 265. Due Thursday.

Wednesday, May 24th is a non uniform day.  Wear purple for Tessa Beauchamp