Tuesday, 27 June 2017

2 Days Left!

Tomorrow will be Bubble Gum Day ... as it was the reward in the balloon today.
So for tomorrow we will have
  • a Freezie Sale - 50 cents/$1
  • a fan sale - 5 cents/25 cents - proceeds also going to Chalice to buy a well
  • bubble gum - I will provide this for the class (it will be Double Bubble from Costco)
Tomorrow will be the last day of regular classes.  All books, shoes, clothes etc will be sent home tomorrow. Don't forget it's also early dismissal. Students will be let out at 2:30.

No need for planners on Thursday but maybe a small bag to carry things.  Thursday is a Food Bank Mass. If possible, please give a little bit more as our St. Vincent de Paul will have little donations for the summer months. The Grade 6 and 7 Candle Ceremony will take place after Mass in the church, followed by an assembly in the gym.  Dismissal is at noon.  

Monday, 26 June 2017

Last Week of School....

This week we are popping a balloon each day to see what happens the next day. Today's balloon was "Sit anywhere you want" tomorrow's balloon is "Movie Day".

Students are invited to bring:
* stuffy, pillows, blankets 
* a treat for me to east during the movie (no sharing please)

Freezie sale on Wednesday. 

Friday, 23 June 2017

Books are coming home

Students have taken home most books today.  There are still some books left in class and they will be returned next week. Please send in one plastic grocery bag to take home any remaining items next week.

Next week is our last week of class. Please remember that our last day is June 29th and that students will be dismissed at noon.

Just wondering... if you are okay with me keeping your child's left over markers and pencil crayons? If you want to keep them for the summer that's fine. We have a class markers and pencil crayons and the supply has been depleted this year. If you don't mind donating your child's markers this year please let me know via planner/email. If your house is overrun with markers/pencil crayons I will take them. Thank you in advance.

The freezie sale went well for the Grade 5 class who are raising money to buy a well for Chalice. There will be another sale on Wednesday, in hopes to raise the remaining amount. $1 for a full/50 cents for half

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Please send in any Edu Pac orders tomorrow. If you don't have the form don't worry, just write down on sticky note/scrap paper the name(s) and grade your child(ren) will be going to and we will sort it out.  Thanks!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


We harvested our potatoes today! We were able to gather just over 200 potatoes in our 5 tubs. The kids had fun digging through the soil to find big and teeny tiny potatoes. Pictures were posted on Class Dojo.

Each student was able to bring home a handful of potatoes. Let me know how they were please!

Tomorrow is the freezie sale, Hot Lunch (if you ordered) and Step Up Day.