Friday, 15 December 2017

The dress rehearsal for our Christmas Concert is on Monday.  Students are asked to bring in their white shirts and bottoms for Monday.  Please label the clothes as I will not know whose clothes belong to who. 

Performances on Tuesday are at 1/7 pm.  Students will be excused from the classroom after each performance.  Please pick your child(ren) from his/her classroom.

A BIG thanks goes out to Mrs. Paez who sewed 27 wings for our costume.  Thank you!!

Reminders for next week:
- Tuesday - Christmas Concert
- Wednesday - Pajama Day and Hot Lunch (for those who ordered)
- Friday - noon dismissal and last day of classes for winter break

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

We started practicing the staging for the Christmas Concert (Dec. 19 at 1 pm and 7 pm) today.  The primary concert looks good.  Can't wait to see it when all the kids are in their costumes.  Please remember that it is an expectation that students attend and participate in both performances. 

Students are finishing up their boxes and will be sharing them with the class next week.

Please remember to send in any hamper items.  If you need ideas please the cards posted on Class Dojo, which are just a few of the items we need.

Image result for christmas concert clip art

Monday, 11 December 2017

The Week Before the Last Week of School

This is a 'crazy' time for us as we are preparing for the Christmas Concert; routines are off/disrupted, we are in and out of the classroom and there is little work getting done.

Reminder that we will need the Christmas Concert costume for next week - white t-shirt and pants.  The wings are being worked on - courtesy of the sewing talents of Mrs. Paez (thank you!!) - and we will do yellow face paint for the dove noses.

Spelling test this week is a review.  This will be our last test of this year.  20 words, 4 words from each list (10 word family words/10 NN words).

lap   mat   rip   wig   not  
mop  let   hen   mud  run  

of    the   that  you   are
was  they   I   have   from

Phonics pages this week are 121 - 126 and due on Friday.  

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Hamper Items

An email was sent home this week about Christmas Hamper items.  Students were each given a tag (red or green) on Tuesday. If your child does not have one please let me know and I will give one to him/her.  The different cards are also posted on Class Dojo.  Please choose one item on ONE card to donate (or more if you are able).

Spelling test tomorrow - short 'e' words

Food Bank Mass tomorrow - it is the last one of this 2017 year.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Why Didn't You Tell Me?

So I was giving the Spelling Test today when I (just) realized that I skipped over a list.  I went from list 3 right to list 5.  No one said anything?! To remedy my error, we will be doing list 4 next week.

A sheet of paper has gone home for all students today. It is called 4 Ways to Cope. Issues are coming up regularly and daily with students and their interactions with classmates.  We will be talking about this in class and addressing issues but I would appreciate any help that you offer at home.  Students are encouraged to use their words as a first defense to stop any unwanted behaviours. 

This Sunday is the first week of Advent.  Can you believe it - 4 weeks until Christmas.  We will be learning about Advent and how it is a time to prepare ourselves for Christmas and for Jesus.

Thank you for coming in to meet with me for the conferences.  It's nice to be able to talk, and meet, with you and discuss your child face to face.

Next Thursday, Dec. 7 is Christmas Sweater day at the school.  Students are invited to wear their Christmas/Advent sweaters (any style bottoms) to start off the holiday season.

We will be starting our box creations on Monday.  Most of the supplies will be provided by me and the school, but there may be a few items your child may need from home (blanket, ball, stuffy, duct tape etc). Students who needed items made a list and put it in their homework folder.  Please don't go out and buy things for this as it is not necessary.  Students will be sharing and talking about their creations the last week of school.